Assistant Agents CPD 2022-2023

Do you want to progress to the next level in real estate?

Assistant Agents must complete CPD training by 22 March each year. NSW Fair Trading has prescribed that assist agents complete 3 units of competency from the Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice each year with a maximum of 4 years from the initial registration date. Agents can complete the qualification faster if they choose to become a Class 2 licensed agent.

There are no entry requirements for Assistant Agents CPD. Agents must complete different units of competency each CPD year so it is important to ensure that you know what units you have previously completed.

To find out more about the NSW Fair Trading Requirements click here 

Fair Trading NSW requires that Assistant Agents complete at least 3 Units of Competency annually, for the 4 years they have to progress to the Class 2 Licence (CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice). You can complete the course over a 12 month period OR you can complete it in clusters (you have 12 months to complete each cluster).

You can complete the clusters in whichever order you wish, but we recommend the following order below dependant upon your area of work:

You will have 12 months to complete each cluster. 

Remember: it is your responsibility to complete your CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice in line with NSW FT requirements. You only have 4 years to complete the full CPP41419 Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice  once you have registered to become an Assistant Agent.

Assessment activities may include:

  • Question and answer
  • Workplace tasks
  • Projects
  • Role Plays
  • Third Party Reports

In competency based assessment there is no pass or fail. You are either competent or not yet competent.
If you are deemed not yet competent an assessor will give you written feedback on how you can improve your answers.
If after the second attempt you are still not yet competent, they will contact you to assist.

Face to face