NSW CPP41419 Certificate IV Real Estate Practice (License Class 2)

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Course Overview

Whether you want to start working independently or are going through your 4-year transition from a Certificate of Registration to a License Class 2 Agent, all Assistant Agents will be required to attain their Class 2 property license within four years of receiving a Certificate of Registration, otherwise, they may risk cancellation of their registration.

The pathway to obtaining your Class 2 license includes:

    • completing a Certificate IV in Real Estate Practices,
    • Having held a Certificate of Registration for one year, working experience under the supervision of a Licensee in Charge
    • completing a number of practical experience tasks, demonstrated by having those tasks signed off by a Licensee in Charge, on the “Evidence of Work experience log book” issued by the Office of Fair Trading.
    • Applying for a class 2 license with the Office of Fair Trading


  • Core Units
    • CPPREP4001 – Prepare for Professional Practice in Real Estate
    • CPPREP4002 – Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate
    • CPPREP4003 – Access and interpret legislation in real estate
    • CPPREP4004 – Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate
    • CPPREP4005 – Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts
  • Elective Units


    • CPPREP4101 – Appraise property for sale or lease
    • CPPREP4102 – Market property
    • CPPREP4125 – Transact in trust accounts
  • Sales Module
    • CPPREP4103 – Establish vendor relationships
    • CPPREP4104 – Establish buyer relationships
    • CPPREP4105 – Sell property
  • Property Management
    • CPPREP4121 – Establish landlord relationships
    • CPPREP4122 – Manage tenant relationships
    • CPPREP4123 – Manage tenancy
    • CPPREP4124 – End tenancy
  • Auctioneering
    • CPPREP4161 – Undertake pre-auction processes
    • CPPREP4162 – Conduct and complete sale by auction
    • CPPREP4163 – Complete post-auction process and contract execution


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