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Assistant Agents – Certificate of Registration Holders

All Assistant Agents are required to complete a minimum of 3 Units of Competency during every CPD Year that goes towards the completion of their Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice, and then transition into a Class 2 License.

Assistant Agents are issued with a 4-year Certificate of Registration which is not renewable. Assistant Agents have up to 4 years to complete their Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice and apply for a class 2 license, otherwise, their Certificate of Registration will be cancelled, and they will be excluded from obtaining a Certificate of Registration for 12 months.

The following modules are available for Assistant Agents who choose to complete a minimum of 3 units of competency Annually. Alternatively, you could choose to fully upgrade your Assistant Agent Course with the remaining Certificate IV in Real Estate and apply for your license when completed.


  • The Choice of Units

    Sales Module

    • CPPREP4103 – Establish vendor relationships
    • CPPREP4104 – Establish buyer relationships
    • CPPREP4105 – Sell property
  • Property Management Module
    • CPPREP4121 – Establish landlord relationships
    • CPPREP4122 – Manage tenant relationships
    • CPPREP4123 – Manage tenancy
    • CPPREP4124 – End tenancy
  • Administration
    • CPPREP4101 – Appraise property for sale or lease
    • CPPREP4102 – Market property
    • CPPREP4125 – Transact in trust accounts
  • Auctioneering
    • CPPREP4161 – Undertake pre-auction processes
    • CPPREP4162 – Conduct and complete sale by auction
    • CPPREP4163 – Complete post-auction process and contract execution


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Embracing technology and creating a virtual classroom experience, we offer our training courses over Zoom where participants can interact with a trainer and each other. Enjoy all the benefits of being in an actual classroom while being in the comfort of your own home or office.

Complete with PowerPoint presentations and additional resources, our virtual classroom ticks all the boxes for your learning experience while offering convenience and practicality for those with a busy schedule.


Our online training courses are unlike many in the industry. User-friendly, easy to navigate, and offering great support your online training program will allow you to complete your training course in your own time and at your own pace. Via the portal participants have access to trainers via email who are able to assist with any queries that arise.

Assessments are graded within a short period of time with feedback and comments submitted for review.

Training Plans

All agencies licensed under the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002 are required to prepare and maintain an annual training plan for their agency, which connects the performance goals of the whole agencies with the training needs of all agents employed there.

Nominated Licensees in Charge are responsible for the development and implementation of the training plan, as well as reviewing and updating it annually.

The foundation of the annual training plan prepared by a licensee in charge will be the compulsory CPD set by the Property Services Commissioner annually. But this is only a legal minimum for agents to remain licensed – their training and development needs will go beyond what’s required by law. The training plan must also include further training for agents’ development and to boost performance of the whole agency.

When planning the training needs of the agency and individual agents, licensees in charge can use the capability framework below to think about how both compulsory CPD and further, non-compulsory training serve professional development needs of individual agents. Each training exercise can be identified as enhancing one or more of the capability streams, and involve a combination of interactive training, online courses, workshops, mentoring, and job shadowing.

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