VIC CPP41419 Certificate IV Real Estate Practice (Agent Representative)

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Course Overview

Your first step into the Real Estate industry of Victoria is to become an agent’s representative, who is employed by or acts for a licensed estate agent, and with written authority, can perform any of the legal functions of that estate agent.

As an Agent’s Representative you can work for a Licensed Real Estate Agent and undertake a broad range of duties and responsibilities such as sales, property management, business broking and buyers advocacy. Successful completion of the Agent’s representative course can lead you to many exciting fields including:

  • Residential Property Sales or Management
  • Commercial Property Sales or Management
  • Owners Corporation Management
  • Residential Property Management
  • Property valuations
  • Auctioneering
  • Business Broking
  • Buyers Agency

By completing this course, you will be issued with the “statement of attainment” required for your employer to apply to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA), and submit your completed application in order to be granted permission to be employed as an Agent’s Representative.



  • Core Unit
    • CPPREP4001 – Prepare for Professional Practice in Real Estate
    • CPPREP4002 – Access and interpret ethical practice in real estate
    • CPPREP4003 – Access and interpret legislation in real estate
    • CPPREP4004 – Establish marketing and communication profiles in real estate
    • CPPREP4005 – Prepare to work with real estate trust accounts
    • CPPREP4101 – Appraise Property For Sale or Lease
    • CPPREP4102 – Market Property
    • CPPREP4103 – Establish Vendor Relationships
    • CPPREP4104 – Establish Buyer Relationships
    • CPPREP4105 – Sell Property
    • CPPREP4121 – Establish Landlord Relationships
    • CPPREP4122 – Manage Tenant Relationships
    • CPPREP4123 – Manage Tenancy
    • CPPREP4124 – End Tenancy
    • CPPREP4125 – Transact in Trust Accounts
    • CPPREP4161 – Undertake Pre-auction Process
    • CPPREP4162 – Conduct and Complete Sale by Auction
    • CPPREP4503 – Present at Hearings in Real Estate


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